How to prepare your vacation rentals in Madeira for the high season?

Exemplo de decoração de casa para AL - Alojamento Local

A few months before entering the high season – the so-called summer months – it becomes necessary to start planning in detail what to do and how to prepare your vacation rentals in Madeira Island in time. 

Welcoming guests is very important and anticipating possible unforeseen events is a way to foresee what can eventually be a headache at that time of year when the occupancy of local accommodation houses is at its highest. 

Therefore, consider the following suggestions that can help improve the service provided to your guest during the vacations in Madeira:

Check your vacation home’s equipment

This is a task you should do regularly, in order to avoid creating an unpleasant situation during your guest’s vacation. Pay special attention to the electronic equipment and take the opportunity to check the batteries of the remote controls. In order to prevent a missing situation from occurring during your guest’s stay, place some indispensable supplies such as batteries and light bulbs in a designated place. 

If possible, check the inventory of linen, equipment and kitchen utensils and replace them if they are missing.

Maintain your air conditioner or take the fans out of the closet

As the warmer months return, air conditioning becomes an indispensable piece of equipment for your guests. If your local lodging house has this facility, consider having it serviced at least once a year by a specialized technician. If you have opted for the traditional fans, then give the fans a thorough cleaning by unscrewing the protective netting. After cleaning, test the fan in all positions to make sure that it is fit for use. 

Exemplo de decoração de casa para AL - Alojamento Local

Change the winter decoration for the summer one

There are procedures that require space renovation at certain times of the year and that should be frequent until they become the rule in a local lodging house, as is the case with decoration. Change, improve, and innovate are the most important verbs in a business that involves monetizing vacation homes. With the arrival of the heat, it is essential to change some details in your vacation home that are no longer needed, such as heaters, blankets, comforters or thermal sheets. Clean equipment before putting it away and wash winter clothes before storing them in vacuum bags to keep them free of dust mites.

Turn the mattress over, leaving it on the cooler side, replace the sheets with lighter and less warm ones. Also, replace the blankets with light and colorful quilts to make the environment suitable for the higher temperatures.

Provide a beach kit in your vacation home

If your local accommodation house in Madeira is close to a beach access area, surprise your guests and prepare a beach kit that can be very useful during the vacations. A beach bag and towels, a sun hat, a cooler, a map with reference to the best beaches in Madeira, extra information about the best places to go snorkeling or scuba diving in Madeira Island, information about where and how to enjoy a boat trip, are some items and suggestions that you can leave at your guests’ disposal. It’s a small attention with a low cost investment. 

Running a local accommodation house in Madeira requires dedication and creativity if the goal is to offer a distinctive service. The care and eye for detail is what will make the difference in the short and medium term rental market. However, we know that sometimes the results are not what we expect, even taking into account all the available tips, since attracting new guests requires knowledge of other types of tools and all the tasks involved are time consuming and often not compatible with the life of the owners. Therefore, there are other solutions like resorting to the services of a company specialized in local accommodation house management, capable of developing and defining strategies to capture more guests during the high season. To achieve concrete goals, there is a continuous work and a know-how that results from some years of experience in the market. 

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