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Climate and temperatures on Madeira Island

Madeira Island is especially known for its good weather thanks to its subtropical climate, geolocation and mountainous relief. Maximum temperatures differ from summer to winter, reaching or even exceeding 25°C in summer and 20°C in winter, while minimum temperatures in summer are 20°C and 13°C in winter.

The sea also reaches pleasant temperature levels throughout the year due to the influence of the Gulf Stream, which oscillates between 18ºC in winter and 24ºC in summer. 


Best time to go to Madeira Island

When is the best time to visit Madeira Island? This is the question that is often asked when thinking of booking a trip to the Atlantic pearl. The mild climate makes the Madeira Archipelago an enchanting destination all year round, as the summers are mild and the winters are mild, so any time of year is an excellent time to visit Madeira Island. 

However, spring and summer, between March and September, are the most popular seasons with visitors because of the guaranteed good weather. October, November, December, January and February are the months when rainfall is most abundant.

Madeira is nicknamed the island of four seasons because of the frequent encounter of so-called micro-climates in different parts of the territory. The mountains and the air currents that circulate in different directions cause the climate to change in each location. The south side is often the warmest side of Madeira and the north the slightly cooler and also the most suitable for windsurfing as the swell is bigger.

Possibly there are few destinations in the world with characteristics that please Greeks and Trojans. You will have to pay special attention to only two seasons: the summer months and at the end of December, since these are times of the year when there are guaranteed to be more people visiting the island.


In a brief analysis of the 4 seasons, we share some tips that may be useful at the time of decision: 

Springtime in Madeira Island

The days are longer and temperatures begin to rise, and May is the month when it becomes inviting to go swimming. Besides the weather being warmer, the island is in bloom and this is the time when the most colourful show of the year takes place, the Madeira Flower Festival. 

Summer in Madeira Island

The time of year when many emigrants return to the island for holidays and national and foreign tourists seek out the destination. The days are hot and the nights are mild with temperatures above 25 degrees throughout the day and not less than 17 degrees at night.

Autumn in Madeira Island

The prolongation of summer. The weather stays warm until October and November, with the possibility of a few days of rain. The sea water temperature often remains ideal until mid-December, so you can dive in without shivering!

Winter in Madeira Island

The sun is always shining, whatever the season. Daytime temperatures are around 18 to 20 degrees, so it’s still a pleasant temperature to just wear a cardigan. It usually rains a little in January and February, and it is also possible to catch a storm around this time. However, the warm and bulky jackets only come out of the wardrobe if you choose to go see the sunrise at Pico Ruivo or experience a snow trip in the mountainous areas of Madeira. Yes, it snows on Madeira Island too! However, it doesn’t usually last for many days.

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