How to prepare your vacation rentals in Madeira for the low season?

Alojamento local madeira

After the summer months, which are always busier when it comes to the flow of visitors looking for a vacation rentals in Madeira Island, it is time to upgrade your offer. This is the right timing to ensure that your holiday home in Madeira is prepared for the colder months and the so-called low season. Therefore, we share with you some best practices to make a better management of your vacation rentals.

Do a deep cleaning

It is normal that during the busiest months there is not as much time between bookings to do a thorough cleaning. Therefore, it is in the interim period that you should consider tackling this more detailed task, such as:

  • Wash all blankets;
  • Wash curtains;
  • Clean kitchen drawers and cabinets;
  • Cleaning lamps;
  • Check and change the air conditioning filter;
  • Replace batteries;

Inspect and make sure the walls are clean, free of mold and signs of moisture.

Do the necessary maintenance work

Take advantage of this time of year to perform maintenance work, renovate some space, check windows, doors, roofs and plumbing to avoid infiltrations.

Equip your vacation rentals with central heating

A cozy and comfortable home is always more attractive to guests. Is your vacation home in Madeira warm and cozy enough to keep your guests happy and content during the colder months? 

Madeira Island is known for having a favorable climate throughout the year. However, winter also comes to the pearl of the Atlantic! If your local accommodation house has no heating, it will hardly please Greeks and Trojans. When in doubt, meet all the conditions to keep your guests’ satisfaction level at the maximum. Investing in central heating in your property can be a good investment in the long run, as you can recoup that investment in the medium term. If you choose to invest, make sure you leave written instructions for your guests on how to use the central heating.

alojamento local madeira

Adapt the decoration for the colder days in your vacation rentals

Details make all the difference, especially during festive seasons such as the Christmas season.  A small Christmas tree, lights, objects that remind you of the Christmas season will certainly make your guests’ experience even more special.

In addition, you can decorate your local accommodation for winter with small touches, such as changing the sofa cushions, adding a blanket, candles, and decorative fresh herbs that can also be used to make tea.

Invest in your local accommodation lighting

Natural light is a very important element to highlight each room of your vacation rentals. Give preference to a light, harmonious and cozy environment. 

We know that with the arrival of autumn/winter the days get shorter and it gets dark earlier, so we recommend that you review the light points of your local accommodation. In rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen, give preference to direct lighting, through white lights, in quantity and/or intensity, that allow you to illuminate the spaces well. In bedrooms and living room, use more indirect lights to create a cozier atmosphere and highlight objects. In the dining area, place a direct light on the table.

Create a space inside your local accommodation for children to play

Differentiate yourself from the competition by offering something uncommon to find in local accommodation houses. Toys, books, games, tents, walls with signs and colors can be fun if placed strategically in one of the rooms of the property. 

Equip your local accommodation with winter essentials

It is important to take into account other amenities for rainy days, such as: books; DVDs; board games; warm bedding; extra blankets for the living room and firewood if there is a fireplace. Extra batteries and light bulbs should also be available. A kettle is a good utensil for lovers of hot drinks, such as tea or hot, comforting chocolate.

The process of managing a vacation rentals is hard work and harder than it may seem! So if the tips we present you do not bring the expected results, it is best to use the services of a company specialized in vacation rentals management, capable of developing and defining strategies to attract more guests during the low season. To achieve this goal, you need to do continuous work and capture potential guests in advance, as well as maintain some kind of relationship throughout the year, so that at the time of decision making they will remember your offer.

Consider the help of a local accommodation management partner like An Island Apart. 

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