How to choose a vacation rentals in Madeira Island?

Casa de ferias ilha da Madeira

A successful vacations depends heavily on the choice of where to stay. It is almost more important than the destination itself and can have a decisive influence on the quality of the travel experience. Vacation rentals with poor service, far from your points of interest, or poor hygienic conditions can undermine positive expectations of a dream trip.

In recent years, as the number of tourists has increased, so has the demand for vacations rental to book. However, quality is not always exponential. Therefore, booking a house for vacations in Madeira Island requires some prior research work. To help you in your search for a vacation rentals in Madeira Island (in portuguese Ilha da Madeira) we have prepared a set of very simple tips. 

Check photos of vacations rental in Madeira Island

The more pictures, the better. Pictures help you get a better feel for the structure of a vacations home and whether it is in line with your travel plans. 

For example, a vacations rental may have two bedrooms, but one of them may be on a lower or upper floor with access via a steep flight of stairs, which may not be ideal for those traveling with small children or people with reduced mobility.

Look for photos with varied perspectives, clear and bright that show all areas of the vacation rentals.

Vacation rentals with pool, beach, and levada

Make a survey of what you really need before you start the search for the right vacations home. Consider the types and extras of vacations homes that can meet your needs. For example, if you are traveling in the summer, proximity of your vacations rental to levadas may be an advantage, or even distance to beaches. You will probably not need an apartment or house with a fireplace at this particular time of year. On the other hand, an apartment or house with a pool can be a plus when it comes to make the decision.

Reviews from guests who have booked a vacation rentals in Madeira

‘Word of mouth’ is still the best way to get feedback on a service or a product. However, you can always turn to reviews on the internet. When doing this research, you should consider the opinions of those who have traveled similarly to you. For example, if the trip to Madeira Island was as a family, as a couple or as a solo traveler. Also consider other features in the reviews, such as cleanliness, comfort, facilities, value for money, location of the vacations rental. Usually, this information is accessible on local accommodation platforms, on Google itself and/or on Social Media. You should read, analyze and compare as many reviews as possible. Try to consider only those that seem most reasonable, thus allowing you to form an opinion about each of the houses in Madeira that you are considering for your vacation.

Analyze well the location of the vacations rental

The geographical location of a vacation rentals in Madeira Island is fundamental to the choice factor. Before you make your decision, always calculate the distances to Funchal city center and what facilities and services are close by. Also consider if the distance is adequate for what you plan to do and if you need to rent a car in Madeira to get around.

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