How to rent a car in Madeira?

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Renting a car in Madeira is a good option whatever the intended travel context. The possibility to rent a car in Madeira allows a greater flexibility in changing plans, if you are going on business, or the pre-defined touristic itineraries for the holiday days, making it easily possible to find other alternatives when the weather conditions are not favourable to do certain outdoor activities.


What if renting a car in Madeira is not an option? Are there any alternatives?

There are other possibilities such as using public transport, although they make more limited routes and do not reach less known points of interest. Taxis may also be an option. However, this can be more expensive than renting a car. 

When on holidays, nobody likes to rush… Travelling at your own pace is convenient and advantageous because, you save and optimize your time during your stay. Make the stops you like, contemplate the natural scenery that the island offers, because you don’t have to follow the schedule of public transport. Note that in some locations there are only 2 to 4 bus trips per day!

If you rent a car in Madeira, you can go from the sea to the mountains in the same day, have a beach in the morning, a levada in the afternoon and finish the day contemplating an incredible sunset on one of the island’s highest peaks. 

For these reasons, we consider car rental the best option for those who intend to explore Madeira Island during their holidays.

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Which is the best car to rent in Madeira?

The best decision will always depend on the budget available. However, there are factors to take into account such as the number of passengers, the luggage you need to carry and if you intend to drive off the main roads. In Madeira, there are narrow, steep and mountainous roads, so in these cases, it will be better to opt for an engine with more power. 

Where to rent a car in Madeira?

There are several options of companies renting cars in Madeira. We recommend booking in advance in order to guarantee a vehicle for your desired dates. 

If you wish to stay in one of our properties, we can arrange the rental of your car, upon request. Contact us!

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