Classic Cars in Madeira – The unmissable annual events

Madeira Classic Car Revival

Madeirans are passionate about the automobile industry and all its history since the appearance of the first car in Madeira Island. A fascination shared by native collectors that spans several generations. It’s safe to say that Madeira Island has the best classic car park in Portugal and that’s a big reason why other aficionados of the sector feel an enormous curiosity to visit the island. Besides the rich collection of historical vehicles in Madeira, the car exhibitions and parades enchant with their sophistication, as they carry the refinement, elegance and glamour of other times.

The classic car collections in Madeira

The Autonomous Region of Madeira is the owner of a set of classic cars linked to the archipelago’s history and the figures who assumed government positions in this archipelago.

From this set, cars such as: the Hudson, 1928; the Mercedes-Benz 300D Adenauer Limousine Cabriolet, 1952; the Mercedes-Benz 220 SB, 196; the Buick Skylark 4 Door Sedan, 1965; the Mercedes-Benz 220 SB, 1965; the Mercedes-Benz 280 SE, 1983 or the Mercedes-Benz 320 E Sedan, 1995, stand out.

There are also other collections belonging to the Funchal Municipal Council, Municipal Fire Brigade and Military. 

To celebrate the preservation of the classic cars existing in the region, every year events are promoted that are part of Madeira’s touristic events. 

“Clássicos na Magnólia”

An event recently created (2020), which already has three editions, being the 2023 edition the fourth, with a date scheduled for 29 and 30 July.

The annual thematic exhibition (last weekend of July), “Classics at Magnolia”, with free admission, organised by the Regional Directorate of Tourism, features models of various brands, belonging to private collectors or the Regional Government.

A tribute to the automobile, but also to the motorist who is dedicated to the preservation of classic vehicles and who contribute to the affirmation of this heritage, with a recreation of the atmosphere lived at the time. Throughout the two days of the event, you can count on live music shows, gatherings, dancing and competitions.

There are about 600 vintage and pre-90’s vehicles, including cars, motorbikes and bicycles, which in the end are rewarded for the quality and elegance of their restoration. 

There is also a classic car race/competition called the Rampa dos Barreiros. This race is historically important as it celebrates the first major race held in Madeira Island in 1935.

“Madeira Flower Classic Auto Parade”

The “Madeira Flower Classic Auto Parade” is a parade of classic vehicles as part of the Flower Festival celebration.

In this parade, the elegance of classic cars allies itself with the flowers of Madeira, giving the Flower Festival a high point, where visitors and residents alike have the opportunity to appreciate some of the region’s unique motoring pieces in progress.

This event also features moments of music, entertainment and hundreds of extras dressed in costumes inspired by the flowers of Madeira, ending with an exhibition along one of Funchal’s main avenues.

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