Autumn in Madeira

Autumn opens the doors to the temperate climate, the good fruits and the beautiful walks through the mountains, where the micro climates delight our visitors.

For those who think that after the summer and before Christmas there is nothing to do in Madeira, you are mistaken! From adventures to wine and the simple things in life, there is plenty to explore. Follow our five activities tips for your autumn holidays in our beautiful archipelago.


Levada Walks

One of the biggest greeting cards of our island! Among the lush green spaces, our “levadas” surround the glamorous mountains and “laurissilva” forest with all its charm and splendor. The magic and contact with nature make these pathways a true therapy for the body and mind.

madeira, curral das freiras 1

Nun’s Valley – Curral das Freiras

This small village, situated in a valley and surrounded by great mountains, is the only site of Madeira where you can’t see the ocean. In addition to its tranquility, which distinguishes it from many other places, “Curral” is known for its great production of chestnut and the recipes made with this fruit. Bread, soups, biscuits and cakes are some of the examples of delicacies that can be tasted in this fantastic parish.

Roasted chestnuts

From October until mid-January, some areas of central Funchal are filled with smoke from the typical street vendors of roasted chestnuts. They are scattered throughout the city and delight the lovers of this nut, typical of the season!


Blandy’s Madeira Wine Lodge

Blandy’s Madeira Wine cellars are an ex-libris from our region. Known for its history and wine wealth, this space houses the wines of this brand as well as works of art by Max Romer, which are part of the decoration of one of the tasting rooms. This space deserves a visit from all those who spend a few days in the city of Funchal.

A trip to the beach

Autumn in Madeira does not mean cold or bad weather. Being an island with a tropical climate, we benefit from a milder air and sea temperature, which does not stop us from diving in our waters. From Machico to Ponta do Pargo, in this season we recommend the beaches located on the south coast of the island.